We are all a bit obsessed with our daily horoscopes in the We Are Travel office.  So we thought that we would do a little research into what our star signs say about our travel habits.  Just to see if they were at all accurate. We couldn’t help but tweek a few just to match our favourite clients! Can you spot yourself?

Aries (Mar 21st to Apr 19th)

The zodiac equivalent of a ‘natural born traveller’.  You love socialising and making new friends, so a group tour is a perfect chance for you to do what you do best.  An Aries traveller enjoys exploring new places, but you also like re-visiting old haunts to reminisce with friends. Whilst you might stick to more traditional tourist routes, you are first in line to try something new (as long as you have some back up from your travel buddies).  A perfect candidate for either a spiritual or activity-based trip. Ideal astronomical destination: Thailand

WAT Adobe Buddha Status at Wat Yai Chaimongkol, Ayutthaya, Thailand Asia. travel horoscopeTaurus (Apr 20th to May 20th)

Surrounded by wonderful smells, colours, flavours and textures – that’s Taurus! If you were born under this zodiac sign then you no doubt are attracted to warmth, love and emotion.  Travel often moves you (emotionally as well as physically). When you immerse yourself in a destination, you will always take a piece of it away with you in your heart. And no doubt your home is full of photos and mementos from your previous trips. On a group tour, everyone gravitates towards a Taurus.  They feel your warmth and want to experience the joy you feel when you travel. Ideal astronomical destination: Brazil or Morocco

WAT Shutter The Stairway Selaron in Lapa Rio Brazil Travel horoscope

Gemini (May 21st to Jun 20th)

Geminis are naturally drawn to new people and new experiences. You are most comfortable when you are on the ‘edge of your seat’ and unsure what is happening next. You have a deep fascination with the world and enjoy the extremes that it has to offer.  That’s why a Gemini is most likely to travel to more diverse locations – somewhere with a mix of mountains, deserts, cities and coastline! Ideal astronomical destination: Chile or Colombia

WAT-Adobe-Sands-relief-in-Atacama-Desert-Chile Travel horoscope

Cancer (June 21st to Jul 22nd)

Cancer is often recognised as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. You tend to ‘feel’ a destination with your heart and are often nostalgic about your previous trips. A beautiful coastline and beach offers you a perfect travel sanctuary (you are a mermaid after all).  A destination offering you a mix of sunshine, water and spirituality is a perfect choice for you. Ideal astronomical destination: Bali or India

WAT-Adobe-Fort-Jaipur-India-Asia Travel horoscopeLeo (Jul 23rd to Aug 22nd)

My word … you certainly love your holidays don’t you? You tend to be quietly confident on your travels, often listening intently to stories and experiences of fellow travellers.  You do know your own mind though and if the trip isn’t going the way you want it to, then you’ll definitely write a letter about it!  Sometimes you can be a little timid in a new destination, and prefer others to test things out first.  And why not?  A perfect holiday for a Leo is one without any extremes of physical activity, but where your imagination can do the hard work.  And a little bit of luxury wouldn’t go amiss either. Ideal astronomical destination: Australia or Vietnam

WAT-Adobe-Vietnam-Food Travel horoscopeVirgo (Aug 23rd to Sept 22nd)

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to overthink here!  Escorted tours are perfect for a Virgo, given their natural tendency to expect the worst. But that overactive mind is perfectly suited to any cultural or spiritual trip to a far-flung destination.  Put a Virgo somewhere with a mix of history, tradition and mystery, and they will be buzzing! But they do love their rest so a Virgo should always think carefully about overpacking their itinerary.  After all, there’s always time for a nap isn’t there? Ideal astronomical destination: Mexico

travel horoscope Mexico City, Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City

Libra (Aug 23rd to Sept 22nd)

Life for Libra is all about proportions.  You are generally relaxed about your travel plans and tend to go with the flow without too many worries.  But you do like an equal mix of excitement and relaxation.  A bit of hot, and a bit of cold! Somewhere with lots of history, art and culture will keep you interested; perhaps with the odd challenging trek thrown in for good measure. Ideal astronomical destination: Bolivia or Croatia

WAT Adobe Dubrovnik Wall and City, Croatia Game of Thrones travel horoscopeScorpio (Oct 23rd to Nov 21st)

We have to be a bit careful with this one as our boss is a Scorpio.  So naturally … they are amazing, perfect, intelligent and attractive (ha ha!). On a serious note, Scorpios are the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. You will often find them dropping off the back of the group and exploring the lesser-known places.  A Scorpio is a dreamer and is happy visiting anywhere that has a story to tell.  Drawn to the emotions of a destination, never send a Scorpio to an all inclusive resort hotel.  They will be bored before they have even checked into their room. Ideal astronomical destination: Kyrgyzstan or Nepal

WAT-Adobe-Trekker-on-the-way-to-Annapurna-base-camp-Nepal-Hiking-holidays-in-Asia travel horoscopeSagittarius (Nov 22nd to Dec 21st)

Another adventurous star sign! Sagittarius is always at the front of the queue to try something new and often loves to be spontaneous. Trips that involve tasting new food or learning new skills are perfect for this sign of the zodiac.  Anything from hiking an iconic peak in the Andes, to making their own limoncello in Italy will keep a Sagittarius happy.  Be bold, be brave and be first! Ideal astronomical destination: Anywhere there’s a party! Try a Festival Holiday

WAT-Adobe-India-Holi-Festival holidays travel horoscopeCapricorn (Dec 22nd to Jan 19th)

We have one piece of advice for Capricorn – sometimes its best to let your heart rule!  Capricorns are known for thoughtfully making decisions and are less likely to make a spontaneous trip around the world. That said, they are great travelling companions as they tend to be organised (although they can be a little late sometimes). Capricorns like to travel in groups and are best suited to an escorted itinerary where they can relax their organised spirit! Ideal astronomical destination: New Zealand or South Africa

Wakatipu Lake, New Zealand travel horoscopeAquarius (Jan 20th to Feb 18th)

Is your fridge door full of magnets?  An Aquarius loves to pick up the odd souvenir on their holidays.  They were devastated when the Euro was launched as they loved nothing more than collecting lira, francs, pesetas and deutschmarks when travelling Europe! This star sign tends to love open spaces and is perfectly matched to a wildlife themed trip. Ideal astronomical destination: Costa Rica or Kenya

WAT Unsplash Chyulu Hills, Kenya travel horoscope

Pisces (Feb 19th to Mar 20th)

And last but not least, there is Pisces! You are driven by beautiful landscapes and dreamy destinations.  You love nothing more than to spend your travels sampling the local cuisine and community hangouts.  Whilst you may appear a confident traveller, you feel at your best when you have a group of like-minded friends with you.  Trips with lots of history and culture are perfect, but they must involve some down-time so always add a little beach extension to your travels. Ideal astronomical destination: Japan or New Zealand

Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand travel horoscope

And that’s all folks – until January when we may dig out our crystal ball and let you know where you will be travelling in 2019.   And if you’re ready to book your next holiday … don’t worry, we’re expecting your call!