Travelling the world is one of the most valuable, mind-opening experiences we can ever imagine.  We want to protect these experiences for future generations and help to support the local communities that we visit to thrive and prosper. We Are Travel have committed to supporting responsible and sustainable travel. We are now very excited to announce our new venture as the proud partners of The Travel Foundation.

The Travel Foundation are a UK-based charity managing projects and sustainability programmes all over the world.  Our partnership with The Travel Foundation means that we directly support their work and contribute towards the costs of maintaining the progress they are making on all levels.

The Travel Foundation also help tour operators and agents like We Are Travel to work even harder to make a difference.  We are looking forward to our partnership and will bring you news about the work we are involved in as we progress. Take a look at their video to find out more about what they do.

What does it mean for you?

Anyone who takes a trip abroad can make a positive difference.  Take a look at our responsible travel tips to see how you can think differently about your travel choices. Sustainable travel isn’t all about basic or eco-holidays, there are some small adjustments that we can all make to contribute towards the greater good.

How do we support sustainable and responsible tourism?

Aside from our partnership with The Travel Foundation, we have made a series of commitments to help our customers and fellow travellers make positive travel choices.  Take a look at our responsible travel  and animal welfare pages for more information.