Why travel to the Arctic?

Isolated by the most extreme and unimaginable winters, the Arctic remains one of planet earth’s unspoilt wildernesses.  Home to polar bears, whales and arctic foxes, the Arctic’s extremes will captivate even the most seasoned traveller.

The Arctic is actually the name of the ocean, but this region is often thought of as a country in itself! It is largely covered by gigantic areas of thick ice, with a permanent population of around 4 million. This enormous landscape covers at least eight countries across the world; including the US, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Greenland, Finland and Sweden.

A pristine landscape of mighty peaks and glacial giants, littered with countless wildlife species and rich Inuit culture. A breath-taking destination where the peace, clarity and vivid colours will leave you speechless. Bathed in daylight for the summer period, you will experience the most pristine environment you can imagine.  Take your pick from a picturesque cruise through the Arctic Ocean to an adventurous sailing direct to the North pole.

Experiences galore await our intrepid travellers! Explore the intriguing Inuit culture, learning of their traditional hunting and fishing techniques.  Kayak through the ice-strewn waters, or simply stare at the magnificent glaciers in all of their glory!