Where do we start? Oceania is a place where you can truly unearth a whole wealth of unique experiences.  This part of the world features high on the travel wish lists of many of us!

Take your time to explore the multi-facets of Australia.  Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, listen to’Dreamtime’ stories at Uluru, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, drive the Great Ocean Road … the list is endless.  And don’t forget the wine tasting …

Or you can take an epic tour across New Zealand and discover its unspoilt, dramatic landscapes. From its glorious mountains to its majestic glacial lakes you’ll find it easy to escape the normality back home!

And then of course there is Papua New Guinea – such a captivating, wild country more akin to Africa than Oceania. Experience the most traditional rituals and remember … your wealth is measured not by the number of pounds in your pocket, but the number of pigs in your yard!