Experience Inuit culture, witness epic scenery and enjoy abundant wildlife

All over the world, for countless millennia, indigenous people have expressed their unique cultural heritage through art, keeping precious folklore, stories and traditions alive, so they might be handed down from one generation to the next. Since the mid-1980s with the establishment of numerous art co-operatives in the North, there has been a concerted effort to preserve and promote the beautiful and distinctive sculptures and artworks created by the Inuit people on Baffin Island, many of which are inspired by – and reflect – the wild and craggy environment in which they live and work. Numerous fissures and fjords indent the southern coastline of this substantial island (the fifth largest in the world), which also boasts a mountainous backbone containing peaks up to 2000 metres in height. Waters flow from the Atlantic into the vast expanse of Hudson Bay, passing through the Hudson Strait, which separates southern Baffin Island from northern Quebec. The waters are rich in marine life and support a staggering abundance of Arctic wildlife. Some of the largest bird colonies on Earth can be found here and several sites are estimated to be home to more than a million nesting birds in the summer months. This expedition offers a chance to explore the spectacular land and seascapes of the Canadian Arctic. Observe an outstanding variety of marine birdlife and sea mammals and take time to visit indigenous art galleries that showcase the talents of these remote peoples, whose rich output is a major focus of this highly unique and engaging expedition.

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