If you had your heart set on a epic trip to Glastonbury in 2019 but (like us) didn’t manage to get your ticket, then why not plan another epic adventure instead? Thousands of people were left disappointed after tickets for the music event sold out in just 35 minutes over the weekend.  Faced with a long wait until the next Glastonbury event we thought that we would give you a helping hand in finding a different kind of festival to get excited about. Instead of wading through the Glastonbury mud next year, you could be heading out on one of our Festival Trips in a much more exotic location.

What is a Festival Trip?

Festival holidays are exactly what they say on the tin!  They are holidays specifically timed to coincide with an exciting calendar event in a far flung destination.  Our festival trips cover anything from the ‘Day of the Dead‘ in Mexico to the ‘World Music Festival’ in the Malaysian rainforest.  Lots of exciting events where you can test out new hobbies, learn new skills and mix with excited locals as they party the night away.

WAT-Adobe-Day-of-the-Dead Festival Trip

Which festival is best?

Well … that depends on what you are interested in and when you want to travel.  We’ve given you a quick guide to some of the most popular festivals below. Our dedicated Festival Trips Travel Guide has more information on all of our international festival departures; including a run down of where to go at each time of year.  And whilst places on these trips are limited, they won’t sell out within 35 minutes!

Festival Trips for Music lovers

If you’re a lover of music (which clearly you must be if your were fighting for Glastonbury tickets), then the American Jazz Festival is an excellent option.  An epic road trip from New Orleans to Atlanta, this musical adventure will have you ‘quivering your lip’ at Graceland one minute, and dancing in bourbon-filled streets the next.  A cultural, culinary and musical adventure awaits at the American Jazz Festival.

Festival Trips for Winter Enthusiasts

Love partying in your thermals? Why not try our Canada Winter festivals departure where you can enjoy not one but five events all in a single trip. Dance the night away at Whistler Pride, learn some tricks at Lake Louise Ice Magic or just watch the professionals do their thing in Jasper. Every day is a thermal party day.

Best Festival Trips for Culture

Most of our festival trips offer a fascinating insight into a new culture and community, so its hard to pick a favourite.  But if we had to choose just one, then it would be the Mongolia Eagle Festival. Our festival departures offer an unforgettable journey to the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia where hunters bring their golden eagles for an olympic style event.  Dances, parades and formal ceremonies are held in honour of the best performers, showing an historical side of Mongolian culture at its best.


And for those that love a party?

We couldn’t talk about international festival trips without mentioning the Rio Carnaval now could we? Dance the samba from dusk-til-dawn as you snake your way through the drum-fuelled streets of Rio de Janeiro. There are festivities taking place all over the city, with marvellous dress, colourful celebrations and intoxicating music at every turn, Rio Carnaval makes a perfect end to any tour of Brazil.