We get just a little bit excited when Lonely Planet announce their annual ‘Best in Travel’ lists.  We placed a few (non-financial) bets in the office and even got very ‘close’ on two of them!  So, here are they are … Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019!

It is fantastic to see favourites such as Jordan and Australia’s Red Centre making the top 10 lists this year.  And even better news that our very own Scottish Highlands made it to number 5 on the ‘Top Regions to Visit’ list.  With so many places featured in this years lists, we’re going to need time to work through them all!  Good luck out there!

Top Country to visit in 2019

Another firm favourite of ours … Sri Lanka! Already a well established travel destination, Sri Lanka is famous for its fascinating culture, beautiful temples and rich wildlife. It is no surprise that this wonderful country made the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019 list, given its diverse appeal.  Families, solo travellers, honeymooners, explorers, adrenalin-junkies, foodies, wellness seekers… the list goes on.  Sri Lanka truly has something to offer every type of traveller. Have a gander at our featured trips to Sri Lanka.

WAT Unsplash Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Photo by Sander Don Lonely Planets best in Travel 2019

Top City to visit in 2019

Not surprisingly this has been named as Copenhagen, Denmark.  We visited in January this year so we can clearly see why it has come out at the top of the charts.  This city really is the ‘capital of cool’, with its trendy street food scene, craft markets, architecture and bohemian neighbourhoods. Forget the usual ‘city break march’ through a packed itinerary, Copenhagen is the place to take your time and ‘feel’ your way through the city. Take a look at our recommended trips visiting Copenhagen.

WAT Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash Copenhagen Denmark Lonely Planets best in Travel 2019

Top Region

Falling in love with Italy isn’t difficult, but with an increasing need to discover the less well-trodden tourist paths, the usual Italian suspects are becoming less popular.  Well, welcome to the beautiful region of Piedmont!  An absolute gem of Italian culture, scenery and culinary experiences, centred around the city of Turin.  Offering an emerging contemporary arts scene, exquisite villages and arguably the best pick of Italian wines, Piedmont is perfect for a visit in 2019. Take a look at our Piedmont tours.

Gran Paradiso Park, Piedmont Italy Lonely Planets best in Travel 2019

And the Best of the Rest

Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2019 has named the top 10 plan es in each category.  We don’t want to ignore the ones that didn’t quite hit the top spot, so here is our top picks of the rest:

  • Country – Kyrgyzstan: Rising to popularity in 2018 with its intriguing World Nomad Games, and now flourishing in tales of the Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan is a perfect destination for those with an adventurous spirit.  The tourist infrastructure is greatly improved from recent years, and visas are now easier too come by, meaning that Kyrgyzstan is easier to travel to than ever before.  This rugged central-Asian country sits along the ancient Silk Road trade route between the Mediterranean and China.  Surrounded by mountains and traditional villages, there is plenty to hold your interest in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Region – Elqui Valley, Chile: 2019 is a perfect time to visit Chile, given that it will be at the centre of a solar eclipse in July.  The Elqui Valley is situated on the edge of the Atacama Desert, and home to winding rivers, peak-lined hillsides and remote village communities.  Despite its obvious treasures of a beautiful landscape, rich traditions and agricultural importance, the Valley has remained relatively undiscovered to your average traveller. Word is slowly getting out … let’s book before the day is out!
  • City – Kathmandu, Nepal: After the devastating earthquake in 2015, Kathmandu has begun to rise from the ashes. Work to restore the devastation to infrastructure, homes and magnificent monuments is ongoing, but so much progress has been made in so little time. Once a place with unreliable utilities and communication networks, significant improvements have been made to communities, without sacrificing the beautifully atmospheric feel to the old city.