Majestic and haunting.  Cambodia delivers both extremes of emotion.

Exploring the glorious Angkor temples and the traditional paddy fields you will find yourself in awe at the overwhelming culture of its people. The art deco town of Battambang and the local markets are opportunities to see the Cambodian lifestyle as it has emerged from a history of genocide.

And then there is Phnom Penh where you can see the remnants of a colonial culture and observe how the new Cambodia is emerging on the riverside. Then head into its violent past as you visit the infamous S21 (now a Museum of Genocide) and the ‘Killing Fields’.  The impact of the Khmer Rouge regime is still vivid in the memories of the people you will speak with.  Their tales of violence, lost loved ones and near starvation will give you a very different perspective on the freedom we take for granted.

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